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Prepackaged Grilled Lemon Chicken Breasts

100% all natural boneless chicken breasts grilled over a real open flame and finished with a tangy lemon sauce. Add these to a stir-fry for a tasty punch of protein!

Nutritional info

Counting calories or carbs? Look no further. But if you do need some more information, click “More Info” below.

Counting calories or carbs? Look no further. Just the facts hen, just the facts.


Perishable. Keep Refrigerated.


Enjoy hot or cold. Microwave in bag for 30 seconds or until hot.



Saturated Fat



Gluten Free

Keto Friendly

flames that work for you

Want to learn how best to use Tru Grill® in the galley? Look no further! We’ve taken the liberty of curating some awesome recipes and will be dropping them right here soon!

Eat More CHicken!

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